Decoration for Easter – Two Great Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Easter ensures plenty of color laid on the table. With the following two Easter decoration tips you can get inspired!

Cute toy bunny signs

These colorful bunny signs show which tasty Easter treats are in which bowl. All you need are various toy rabbits, craft spray paints, double-sided adhesive tape, pins, paper, and pen.

Cut small labels out of paper and write on them. Paint the rabbits with spray paint and let them dry well. Stick each of the caps onto a pin with double-sided adhesive tape. Carefully insert the pins into the rabbits and decorate them.

Easter rabbit parade

No Easter would be complete without a bunny parade. They are easy to make and you involve everyone, both young and old.

Use a template for the bunny garland, cut it out and use it as a template. Cut an approx. 10 cm high strip from the sheet of paper. Fold the strip in a zigzag at 8 cm intervals. Place the template on the folded paper and trace the rabbit with a pencil. Make sure that his ears and feet each reach the edge of the paper. The width of the template must also touch the edge of the paper. Cut out the rabbit with the small scissors: Make sure that there are connections between the ears and the front and rear legs of the individual rabbits at the edge of the paper. Unfold the line of rabbits and set it up.


Best Online Furniture Stores

Tired of shopping at the same online stores for your furniture? The best thing is that there are thousands of stores out there that sell furniture online and they might be worth your time. We have put together a list of these stores, ranging from those that make custom-made items to those that specialize in American-made products.

Blu Dot

The company is dedicated to bring you top of the range furniture without having to dig too deep into your wallet. Their dedication to affordability stems from the humble beginnings of their founders. They offer minimalist furniture ranging from couches to metal chairs that also offers functionality.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

If you are all about making savings on your furniture purchases, Bob’s Discount Furniture has got the red carpet laid out for you. It is the perfect place for those working on a strict budget. They have a wide range of products just begging you to put in your cart. However, just because the store is all about affordability, it does not mean that their furniture comes from some dingy hole from who knows where. They are focused on selling only high quality goods that would satisfy their customers.


If you have an eye for good and modern pieces Dwell is the store for you. This online store is an American Brand that is home to hundreds of well curated furniture. You can find sleeper sofas, couches and cool chariot trolleys among other items. Dwell makes it easy for first time online shoppers by pointing them to the direction of stunning and affordable furniture, making home decoration easy.

Jody Bird Furniture

If custom-made items tickle your fancy make your way to the Jody Bird Furniture. This online store is dedicated to making sure the piece of furniture you have you can truly say it is yours. They are well known for their outstanding customer service and are dedicated in hand crafting the furniture pieces to your specification. The best thing is that you won’t be slapped with outrageous prices on your custom-made furniture. It is also one of the online stores that offers after sales services.


If you are a neat freak and love to keep your home organized all the time Tylko is the place for you. They have book shelves that come in different shapes and sizes that can hold your entire book collection, shoe racks and TV stands. Make sure you check them out on https://tylko.com/

Other stores you might want to check out

  • Room & Board
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Jonathan Adler
kids room

Kids’ Room Design Ideas

A kid’s room should be versatile. The decoration you use changes as the child grows. They will need more space as they get older. Therefore, you can easily organize and layout the kid’s cozy room with some innovation and creativity.

There are so many ideas and tips for space design ideas that bring life and joy to kids. Let’s give a whole brand new feel to that room.

Use of shelves

While decorating that space, you can design the shelves to your kid’s admiration. Please make use of their old skateboards to attract that wow feeling. A skateboard shelf leaves your visitor surprised.

You can place the critical kid’s staff on the shelves, such as books and teddy bears.

Artificial flowers

Flowers offer a relaxing feel to your space. If your child is into art or drawing, you can use their flowers’ skill to decorate their room. Let them use pretty many colors to create a lively atmosphere. For perfection, place tiny bulbs inside the artificial flowers to light up the space at night. It will look imaginary.

Use bright color pops

There are many pops of color that you can use to create a livelier kids’ room. Mostly, kids will perceive the bright colors most. It attracts their vision and fulfills their imagination, from yellow stripes on their walls and ceiling to those painted flowers on their bed-frames.

Form a theme

You can either go classic or modern-way. Have you tried the woodland theme for your kid’s room? It has a pretty decor that works well that no single things feel outdated.

Use pallets to build a swing

Children love playing all the time. A swing in their room is like a dream come true; they love it. Through creativity and innovation, you can make an indoor swing using a pallet. This is a cost-effective way instead of being a swing that will cost you a lot. Again, it takes very minimal space but with a very significant impact on the kid.


The above tricks are a to-go-to solution to swapping your kid’s room into a magical haven. They give the space a cheerful and optimistic aesthetic. Don’t forget to make the room lighting perfect for their studies.

No tip mentioned above should be ignored, implement the above ideas and reach out to Tylko for more ideas that you will embrace and love: https://journal.tylko.com/kids-room-shelves-custom/. Their decor ideas are your kid’s dream come true.

There are so many ideas and tips for space design ideas that bring life and joy to kids. Let’s give a whole brand new feel to that room.

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