Decoration for Easter – Two Great Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Easter ensures plenty of color laid on the table. With the following two Easter decoration tips you can get inspired!

Cute toy bunny signs

These colorful bunny signs show which tasty Easter treats are in which bowl. All you need are various toy rabbits, craft spray paints, double-sided adhesive tape, pins, paper, and pen.

Cut small labels out of paper and write on them. Paint the rabbits with spray paint and let them dry well. Stick each of the caps onto a pin with double-sided adhesive tape. Carefully insert the pins into the rabbits and decorate them.

Easter rabbit parade

No Easter would be complete without a bunny parade. They are easy to make and you involve everyone, both young and old.

Use a template for the bunny garland, cut it out and use it as a template. Cut an approx. 10 cm high strip from the sheet of paper. Fold the strip in a zigzag at 8 cm intervals. Place the template on the folded paper and trace the rabbit with a pencil. Make sure that his ears and feet each reach the edge of the paper. The width of the template must also touch the edge of the paper. Cut out the rabbit with the small scissors: Make sure that there are connections between the ears and the front and rear legs of the individual rabbits at the edge of the paper. Unfold the line of rabbits and set it up.

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