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3 Effective Measures To Declutter your Attic

Do you want to decluAre you one of those people whose attic is turned worst than a storeroom? Because you have put everything in there, hoping they would come to use in the future. Well, who is not guilty of this crime? People have a bad habit of holding on to things they might never use. And most people put them away in the attic and do not manage their stuff from time to time. The result is, well, a cluttered mess.

You may think decluttering your attic is a tedious job. Still, if you have the willpower to eliminate your unorganized junk in your attic, the result is beautiful and worth your effort. In this guide, we have listed for you three effective measures to declutter your attic. Let’s get aboard and look into these methods.

Clear Your Attic:

Imagine going into a room to find something and stumbling on your pile of junk. You won’t get your stuff. Instead, you might get hurt. Therefore, it is essential to take all of your stuff out of your attic to access the things fully. 

Moreover, you will get wide space in your attic to clean your attic before putting necessary stuff back in an organized way. Vacuum the floor, clean the walls and look for molds. Once all is tidy, you are ready to access the things you may need to put in your attic.

Sort Your Stuff:

The rule of decluttering is to have things only that you need and get rid of all the extra and unnecessary things. You can do this by taking some large boxes for sorting your things. Label them as “keep,” “throwaway,” and “donate.” 

Now, put the things in the box labeled for them. Keep the things you need. Donate the things away that are in good condition, but you may not need them. And throw the things away that are broken and useless. 

Once you are done, only bring the things that are in the “keep” box. Get rid of everything else. You will be amazed to see how much stuff you have gathered in these last few years.

Storage In Your Attic

It is the most exciting part of decluttering your attic; organizing your stuff in the attic. To do this, make a floor plan to organize your things. It will help motivate you to manage it and prevent future piling up of your things. 

There are plenty of storage options in the market. You can invest in a storage unit for your attic. It is smart not to stack your things on top of others, keep things in their place, and be easily accessible to you. Another option is to get storage boxes. There are many color-coded boxes as well as transparent boxes. Choose the ones that suit your needs well. 

Lastly, label your boxes to let you know where you have put your particular stuff. It gives you two benefits. One, you would know where to look for your stuff when needed, sparing you chaos. Second, you will know where to put back your stuff.

An Important Reminder: Be practical:

While decluttering your attic and organizing it, don’t go overboard. Remember why you started it. Having a beautiful but not so easily accessible plan is a waste. You won’t be able to manage your stuff if you cannot access it when needed. Therefore, the trick is to keep a balanced approach to managing your stuff while keeping it pleasing to the eye.


Decluttering your attic may need your time and effort. But, if you take these three effective measures to declutter your attic, you can get rid of the junk you have gathered and keep your things organized. It will save you headaches of not finding things when you need them again in the future and give you a nice, clean, and organized attic that you will love

Do let us know if you find these steps helpful? Also, what do you do to declutter your attic or any other room?

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