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A Parasite That Feeds On Relations

A Parasite That Feeds On Relations

Recently, I had this thought stuck in my head. Perhaps directly or indirectly I faced some situations where I clearly saw relations being destroyed over ego.
It seems pretty clear that one of the individual would not want anything against his will. The rigidity in him causes the other to leave him aside. As a whole the scenerio looks obvious but it isn’t the way it seems to be. We may see the situation as it is being shown, the side that we are not aware of is “why”, and I believe this “why” is the most important part one needs to know.
Personally, my accounts and observations over how relations, in front of me, were torn to shreds had this one common thing which proved to be the root cause of the whole problem, which is why I decided to highlight the “parasite” that produces within people and causes such a mess.
Usually, what happens is when you have some kind of an emotional attachment with someone, you are attracted to some positive energy that resides within him and coincidentally that energy concides with a similar positive energy within yourself and as a result your brain lets you approach this other person, ultimately resulting in a good relation. This emotional attachment is the fragile part of our case which could easily be broken down. However, to safe guard this delicate part is the objective.
So, even if it is a group of people attached with each other as friends or a husband and his wife, what ever the case is, the factor of emotional attachment remains as it is. Now sometimes this factor grows big and you reach a point where you start to care for every action the other performs. Here is when the trouble begins. The other person may not feel exactly the same. He may still be slightly ignorant which becomes unbearable for the first. The second person would interact with a third, leaving the first behind. At this point jealousy starts to develop, initiating the growth of ego.
However, the interesting part is that none of the two are on fault and none of them could be logically blamed. It depends on your mentality and the power of your observation. If the second person realizes how he left the first one and still does not care, then he should be blamed and thus he no longer fits the criteria of a gentleman.
Emotional attachments are strong. They may drive one mad, they may even make one excited. It depends on the participants how they manage the case.
To ease this concept for you let me quote an example of people around me.
Due to my lack of the need to socialize, I have pretty strong relations with 4 of my friends. It was until we graduated from college and joined a university when the first of them told me how he fell in love with a girl and now both of them are in love with each other. “Great” I thought. Later the second one told me about his similar story and then the third and finally the fourth.
What actually happened is all of them, when I went to meet them, told me stories about their girls. They would be on their mobiles all the time while I would sit in front of them like an idiot. It turned out that all of them started to value me less causing me to step a side and leave them as they are.
One of them broke up and ruined his life, the other still in his void of the mysterious future of him with his girl. The third doesn’t even know if I exist while the fourth learned his lesson and returned back. A happy group of 4 broke apart.
I am still not sure what should I name this “parasite”. Is it the foolishness in us ? Or is it our ignorance ? What about us being greedy and not caring for the emotions ?
I believe that the whole scenerio is like an explorer who runs for what appears to be Gold on an island, leaving his Horse behind free but as he approach the Gold it turns out to be a piece of metal reflecting the sun. The greedy explorer looks back and realizes that he has lost his Horse and traveled far away and now he does not remember the way back.
Lastly, the solution to prevent valuable relations from collapsing is to be aware of the cause and effects of your actions on your people. Remember, Greed is a curse and so are the selfish.
Are you one of those?
It looks like a time for you to think!

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