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An Insanely Limitless Life

An Insanely Limitless Life

I’m really amazed with the people around me. Sometimes, it feels as if we are quite of a funny nation. Our actions are like a child who tells you a story about how he bravely fought a dragon in his dreams. Obviously, for him its pretty amazing but for a mature guy listening to him, its nothing. I have started to believe that a hard life full of tests and trials is necessary for every individual for the more you suffer the more you learn.
Unfortunately, our people are like the same child. An obstinate child in fact. I have observed people around me who believe that what they think is the Golden charm to human progress. Funny how they believe so. The more they are educated the more ego digs its roots in their brains causing them to look down upon every other individual and claim their knowledge to be superior above all. It breaks my heart when I see the same people behaving like rebellions to the teaching of the religion and their own culture. They believe that being open minded and living a limitless life would grant them high ranks in the society and the people would gather around them like children who gather around their grandfather to listen to some of his amazing tales.
In Pakistan it has become a common trend. If you want to be popular all you have to do is to criticize the government, bash the military, malign the culture and insult your religion. And if you successfully show of yourself in such a specific way, congratulations, you just made a fool out of yourself. Believe me, no one wants to know you, no body cares what you say. If words ever had the power to create a change, then Adolf Hitler with his powerful speeches would have conquered the whole universe up till now.
Its not about how intelligent you think you are. Its about facing the logic and thinking of ways to create, with the help of your actions, a change in the society around you for a better future.
Always remember,
You cannot live a limitless life. You should have your boundaries. For even the Hawks, the sky is the limit. Even a fighter jet loses its control if it crosses a specific altitude and you there are nothing compared to that. Hold your horses and stay low.
Dull minds discuss people.
Normal minds discuss events.
Brilliant minds discuss ideas.
Outstanding minds “make them happen”.

For us being who we are its not about how we continuously roam around the social media like rats and insult our own standards, its about ways to defend our identity. Whether we like it or not, our identity is being a Pakistani. Staying loyal to our country, we must realize the fault in our own selves. At every platform, I see people laughing at the deaths of our soldiers commenting how good it was for a soldier to die “Bcz he eat 80% budget”, or taunting the government for every positive development and worst of all not believing in our own abilities. We have lost our ability to believe in our own selves.
Sitting on the couch, eating and insulting is quite easy. To read the actual facts about the budget and projects is the thing we should do. Which unfortunately we don’t.
I’m not sure what’s wrong with us.
Has our lust for fame driven us insane ?
Why have we lost our ability to SEEK THE TRUTH and to DISCUSS LOGIC ?
Maybe we’ll never know, until we take a moment to find our lost selves and to realize how Pakistan is a subject to parasites feeding over it in the form of Pakistanis.
I can write thousands of words over factual stats of the budget, the positive and negative developments by the government and the research sector. But I believe, our people should do it on their own and stop being inspired by the Western culture. The West wants to promote itself, in fact who doesn’t? If you have watched a whole English season, or have some English songs in your mobiles or you wear London made shirts, it still makes you no different than a mere labourer who works hard day and night just to feed his family. Maybe he is better than us. At least he ACTS.
It’s a moment for us to think. To find the fault in us.

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