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Dark Confessions

Dark Confessions

People ask,” Can a person love and hate at the same time?”

I say “Yes”

This is the dichotomy that I talk about.

At one moment, I have all the hatred for my favorite person and the next moment, I am being guilty for having that feeling and feel sorry for my thoughts.

When your brain is in pieces, you are unable to realize what to perceive at the right time.

It’s 2:30 at night. Everything is covered in a thick layer of fog. A silent dead night. Even the dogs are not barking outside.

I am sitting beside him whom I loved with all my heart. He is dead now. The carpet is stained with his blood. I shot him. The reason is of little importance.

He’s not the first. And I found it pleasing to let out my frustration by killing.

Killing is fun when the gun is silent.

I am ashamed of my guilty pleasure. That is why I am writing. Letting out the negative emotions.

I hope it works, as always. Fingers crossed.


A Psychopath.

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