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Falsified tadalafil tablets distributed in the USA via the internet

This new item was recently investigated by the investing agencies by the country. Actually, it was reported that several people bought falsified tadalafil tablets in Japan from the online platform.

The investigating agencies were trying to find out the source of falsified drugs. They also wanted to know how online site were able to fool people and how people could differentiate between a genuine drug and falsified drug. The investigation also helps customers to judge the authenticity of erectile dysfunction drugs and online platforms. The result of investigation is worth repeating here to help customers gain valuable insights into understanding a genuine product.

The active ingredient of the drugs was not mentioned

The world health organization puts a product under substandard category, when the product fails to meet the required specification and quality standard. Second, a product that is deliberately misrepresented or notified wrongly. Lastly, falsified products are unlicensed and unregistered in the country of marketing of products.

Majority of falsified drugs that were sold online from the unregistered online platforms were not showing details of active chemical ingredients. There was no mention of either tadalafil or sildenafil active ingredient. The exact quantity was not mentioned.

Even if there was some mention of the active ingredient, it was not mentioned with quantity. But on genuine products you will always find active chemical ingredients. Like Cialis 40 mg has 40mg of Tadalafil, which is an active chemical ingredient in it.

The sildenafil is a chemical used in Viagra medicines for erectile dysfunction. Anyone who buys from the online site must see the active ingredient of the drugs. If there is no clear mention of the ingredients, do not buy the medicine.

Go for registered online platforms

Investigations brought out the fact that falsified drugs were sold from the unlicensed and unregistered online platforms. The simple criteria to buy a genuine product is go to online sites that are registered and approved by FDA for selling erectile dysfunction drugs in the united states .

All the drugs on the authentic and genuine online platforms are approved for males’ erectile dysfunction by food and drug administration of the United States of America. They sell both branded and generic drugs for erectile dysfunction in males. Each product is mentioned with the active ingredient in correct quantity. The Viagra 200 mg will have 200mg of sildenafil citrate mentioned as active ingredient.

There will be detailed information about the usage procedures. The company name and maker names will be clearly mentioned on the pack

Package quality of falsified drugs will be poor

Reputed online platforms deliver products in international quality packaging material. It prevents ingress of dirt, dust, and moisture and environment pollution. The tablets are delivered in exact condition that was prevailing at the time of packaging in manufacturing units.

The Japanese investigating agencies used various ultra technology methods to check the surface of the falsified drugs, their measure, color variations, and smoothness of the surface. The result was compared with the original ED drugs to find the difference. The falsified drugs were pale in comparison with the original drugs.

The reputed online site has a team of doctors

All erectile dysfunction drugs are prescription drugs. The prescription is needed from a doctor to buy these drugs. Over the counter option is also available, but you should follow the proper way to buy the medicines. The safety of drugs depends on the prescription option.

A doctor will judge your erectile dysfunction degree before selecting a dose for you. The higher dose like Levitra 40 mg will never be prescribed without a higher difficulty in erection.

Online sites have a team of doctors to assist you in getting the right dose. You fill in a questionnaire to help doctors understand your degree of erectile dysfunction. Then the dose level is prescribed.

Generic drugs online

Reputed sites make sure that all erectile dysfunction drugs approved by the FDA are made available to customers. The generic version like Kamagra 100 mg is also shown with detailed information on active chemical ingredients, quantity, and usage procedure, and expiry date. Read blogs by experts to know how a drug behaves and what the precautions for safe use are.

Genuine drug doses come in various doses from a lower vardenafil 10mg to higher Viagra 200mg. This helps a male deal with every degree of erectile dysfunction.

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