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Mortality is being defined Where
Place where Nothing is eternal and Mostly UnReal
The Inn where Nothing and No one resides forever
There Comes A Spiritually Placid Bounty like YOU like Never

Where Everyone longs For Materialistic pursuits
& Everyone Buys Shining Subjects like Hot Cakes With wearing their Boots
But Here I am Holding my Wishlist to be Completed with Heather called YOU
So There Comes Extraordinary Blessing to me Of God known as YOU
Out Of Nowhere at less ordinary Time i.e because of being a part of It are YOU

The Sadness, The Gloominess
Me drenched with from the Initials
Always Me Thinking, Happening are Not The Miracles
Here YOU are The Very PROOF Only
& Here Came YOU Making Me Laugh until I cry With Tears Of Joy

Wanderer Me Wanting to be Smiled by Heart
Wanting To Be Told; My Eyes Lie To My Art.
The Longing For Eternal Bliss
Quenched with YOURS Very First Close Glimpse
Place where No one is FOREVER
My Love for YOU will be IMMORTAL Ever.

Knowing About All The Commons About YOU & Me
Apprehensing YOU Were Being Created Always For Me, Blessed To Me
Since I knew You Like Marshmallows Too
I have Wished For That Moment To Be Melt Like Them Within YOU
Something Beautiful like Cosmic Catastrophe To Me Is What Caress Of YOU

Stranded Apart From Myself, I was Isolated In The Murkiness
Thinking About Counting The Milestones & Not Reaching My Terminus
Holding my Hand, Giving Me Hope & Smiling Contentedly To Me
Saying It All Everything Will Pass; Because Together In This are YOU & Me
Here Comes The Way itself, The Destiny & My Terminus Together called YOU

Discerning The Contradictions In Say and Act Of Masses
Observing The Sweet Sayings with Cold Hearts and Drabnesses
Here Comes YOU; The Chocolate Lava Dome, Rich In His Trueness
Having Hardcore Persona To The Fore
But Melts With Warmth of Real Love
So, Here Comes YOU With The Spectating Beautiful Contagious Wide Smile

Loving YOU Deeper Day By Day, Bit By Bit and Soul To Soul
The Child In YOU Who Shows Up, When Taken On Nostalgic Drives Along
My Favourite Chapter Is To Hear That Child
Giggling While Riding His Cycle In YOUR Aesthetic Mind
Showing Treasures Of His Childhood Cloated Up From His Cabinet-YOUR Mind

The Rare Old Note That YOUR Beloved One Gave;
Residing Still In YOUR Wallet Till Date
My Dream Is To Keep You Safe
The Same Even Closer, You Being Naive
Like You Do Your Memos. , I will Do The Same Forever & Ever

Beautifying Us Together With Revived Strength To Me Of YOUR Faith
It’s An Oath By Which I will Stand With Forever
Keeping Your Charming Face Enlightening Ever
Shining Heaven Eyes Of YOURS That I Will Keep Them Sparkling Ever
With Star Dust Carried By YOUR soul, Spreading Kinda Arora Lights All Over

A World Is Not Enough To Complete Our Story
It’s My Promise To Live Each Single Day With Us Being Together
Traveling Till The Heaven Side By Side Each Of Us
God Is With Us and Will Be Forever

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