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Short Stories
Midnight Thoughts 1

Midnight Thoughts 1

Its 3 am. He looks at the clock dead or else frozen on the wall in front of him.

It’s dark except that one light from the porch, finding its way through the curtains. Everything is silent. Perhaps even the crickets dislike the idea of chirping at the time. The world appears to have ceased its motion.

He stands up from his couch, walks upto the curtains. Its raining. No sounds around other than the rain drops falling on the dead soil.

The bright orange street light seems to be adoring such a heavenly environment, he thought.

There’s a magical darkness around him. Its soothing, but dark yet beautiful. Its Darkness yet comfortable, darkness but peaceful.

He walks along the hallway, picks up the keys and opens the main door.

There’s something enchanting in the air today. Something unusual that doesn’t exist normally. Whatever it is, its cold but comforting.

He takes a long, a very long breathe. Seems like the tightness in his body had vanished.

The orange street light, all wet in rain, looks brighter than usual while the wet leaves of the mulberry, must be enjoying a comfortable sleep, he thought.

He walks out on the street. Its empty, deserted and alone. The wet street reflects the orange street light, creating a heavenly atmosphere.

His hands rammed up in his pockets as he kicks  pebbles infront of him. He walks along the empty streets slowly as rain drops gently kiss his face while the cool breeze blows a new soul, renewing the life within him.

He walks and keeps walking to an endless journey of magical peace.

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