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Short Stories
Midnight Thoughts 2

Midnight Thoughts 2

As another long responsible day just passed by, the daily music slowly faded away as well.

He stood up, took a long stretch, a long breathe, and moved towards the kitchen. A cup of nice hot tea would be perfect before writing the concluding paragraph.

He seems tired. Perhaps a little music would revive his soul.

It’s 2 am. The world’s asleep. There’s silence, solitude, darkness. A perfect moment, it appears to listen to music. He unlocks his phone, searches for some random YouTube videos.

But what’s this?

A shot from the past.

“Barking at the moon”, pops up on the screen. He remembers the song, he used to listen to around 10 years ago.

“That’s been a damn long time”, he thought as he played the song.

Songs do take you back in time.

He felt numb, heavy, a little lost in time, trapped in magic.

“There is no home like the one you got

Cause that home belongs to you” said the singer.

He remembered something 10 years ago, the final farewell to life’s most beautiful partner.


It’s 2010. He sees his father, breaking the news, “They want us to stay in their house”. Perhaps a few words worse than a death news. Why was it so? Perhaps it was time to say goodbye to his home.

“Does that mean we are going away?” he remembered himself asking. “Aren’t you happy son? We finally own our house.”

“Our house?” he thought, struggling hard enough, his little brain won’t cooperate. “Which is our house, the one I spent my entire childhood in or the one we just found?”

His little heart pumps faster.

“But I don’t want to go.” his weak soul, down to knees, miserable, begging hard not to leave his memories behind, who’ll haunt him for the rest of his life.

A beautiful home, where he grew up. Living in a joint family. His cousins, his grandma, his bicycle, his toys, aren’t they all going to cry?

He remembered waking up on a Monday morning, as his mum would prepare him for school. Sometimes he’d be late, cause for a moment a 5 min extra sleep would do the charm and let him feel revived throughout school. As he’ll return, it’s Dragon Ball Z on TV.

He remembered his cousin having an old cathode gun TV outside his room. All four of them would sit right in front, watch cartoons till mum made lunch. It was always entertaining.

After lunch, sadly, it was homework time. He remembered his white study table. Beautiful it was, a metal box attached on the top, soft foldable chair welded with the table. Perhaps sitting on it was more entertaining than doing his homework. Usually study time never lasted more than 2 hours.

Someone calls outside. Oh, it’s the corn seller. Every kid on street would rush to buy steamed corn, with spices rubbed with lime or oranges over it. 10 rupees were gold.

Back to studies. But wait, it’s another call. This time it’s the Kulfi wala. Sweet kulfi dipped in melted rower. This time 5 rupees were gold.

We’re done with the studies, it’s time to go cycling. He remembered the first day his mom bought him a Sohrab 25 inch, blue bicycle, the strongest on street. Its 5 pm, time to compete in bicycle races. He usually won, cause his bicycle was no ordinary one.

Its 6pm, Qari Sahb arrives and another hour goes reciting Quran.

At 7, its cricket with the boys on street. He realized that he used to be the champion cricketer, but he lost his form as he grew up.

Summers were comparatively more enjoyable. The lights went off at 8 pm to 12 am. A beautiful time indeed when the town was blacked out but the four of them had their own ways to relish the moment. Is it catch, or are they gonna play oonch neech, kings stop maybe, or perhaps baraf pani? Who knew, but if nothing felt enjoyable, they’d make up their own.

8 to 10, when mum and aunts would cook dinner while the four of them would play every game on Earth.

Sadly, 10 pm it was when all of them were called back to have dinner and prepare to sleep. But a last episode of “Ahat” or “CID” won’t do any harm. Their uncle would turn on the UPS for them to watch some late night shows.

Dad wanted him to go with him to buy ice, mum would cool the water in the cooler while making “doodh soda”, sometimes “kachi lassi” before going to bed.

They’d open the windows, turn on the exhaust, wear a cool, wet clothe to counter the hot temperature, finally, sleeping, living a similar beautiful life in their dreams.

Its 3am, he suddenly realized the song had ended an hour ago. Was he asleep? Or had he traveled time? He didn’t knew.

Tears rolled down his eyes, as he remembered the worst day when he paid a farewell to his beautiful, carefree life forever.

Packed his toys, his tiny school bag and left his real home for good.

But how was that song so relevant,

Perhaps the lines spoke everything.

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