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Ramadan Special

Ramadan Special

I read a conversation on social media some days ago. It was a son asking his father about how muslims love Ramazan. But does Ramazan love them back? His father replied with another question which was “why do you think it comes back ten days earlier every year ?”
So, once again we muslims are blessed with this month of blessings. However, not all made it through and similarly, even we don’t know if its our last.
As we all know, the world out there is in a state of terror. We may have made huge nuclear warheads but God showed us how even his smallest creation can cause a disaster to the world leading the humans to a miserable defeat. It is clear that our own sins and ignorance led us to a stage of a critical punishment from God.
However, Allah‘s mercy is at its full rapture during the month of Ramazan. Let us all keep fast and protect ourselves from the wrongful desires of ours. Let us feed the hungry, forgive others, help Allah’s creations, offer salah and make ourselves better and closer to Allah so he may lift this curse from upon us.
I believe none of us had ever imagined an EID alone at home, Tarawih at home, empty mosques in Ramazan and no gatherings after Aftari. Indeed, it is sad to face the reality of the situation.
The devil may be locked up, but the devil inside us has to be dealt by us alone and so should we. It is because of the selfishness, the cruelty, the hatred, the sense of pride in us that leads to a disheveled society that ultimately fails to cooperate with each other and thus resulting in a waste of time.
In the end I pray that Allah Almighty showers his most blessings upon you and your family and the muslim ummah and save us all from the COVID-19 pendemic.

Ramazan Mubarak !

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