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Short Stories
Scars Underneath

Scars Underneath

The heavy eyes started opening slowly.

The sight could capture nothing but blurriness.

The dim red light bulb was buzzing.

She tried to rise up from bed but couldn’t do it at first attempt. Her head was pounding and body aching.

The first twinge felt on the lips. The hands reached for them. They were swollen. The next spike of pain; on the neck, the breasts, lower back and legs. With every touch felt, the body ached terribly.

She reached for the door and opened it.

The sun rays welcomed her tenderly. She felt nothing and went back inside.

The door was closed now.

She tried to remember what happened last night but couldn’t get a hint.

Suddenly she recalled her job. Yes, it was 8:00 in the morning; only an hour left to get ready for work.

She went to the shower immediately and took off clothes.

The bruises were visible now – the bruises of purple, blue, red and brown colors.

She was troubled for a moment but thought of a solution right away.

Now she was satisfied. She got ready for the office, humming songs and forgetting all her pain. Her day was quiet busy. She had to deal with dozens of clients. The time passed eventually.

On her return to home, she stopped by a river near her home. She seemed contented as her secret was safe with her.

She stood at the edge of the barrier on the bridge.

Two minutes of silence went by. All the good memories were being pondered and she jumped in the deep waters.


After 2 hours, the police found a corpse at the bank of the river. There were no scars but the skin was cracked in a strange manner.

The hues of blues and reds peered through it.

A handbag was lying close by. An officer opened it and began to throw small bottles in the air. The whole bag was empty now.

Whispers began and the news spread. It was mentioned in the highlights the next day.

“A dead girl was located at the bank of the river, yesterday’s evening. Her skin peeled strangely. Scars and bruises could be seen through it. People were mysterious after her bag was checked by an officer, as nothing could be found but bottles of skin foundation, all empty like the lifeless body.”

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