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Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Believe it or not, this word is actually confusing. The word is like a riddle or a maze, the one who solves it perfectly gets himself rewarded with a successful life. Those who fail to solve it, make their lives miserable.
Human life is an adventurous journey and not everyone has the stamina to reach the end. This life is similar to a camper who has to take his proper gear with him to survive. One of this gear that you should carry with you through this treacherous path of life is self confidence.
Now the problem arises when human mindset fails to understand the difference between the three categories of confidence. That what I may call as Over Confidence, under confidence, ideal confidence. To survive the society around you, you have to speak out and participate by explaining your perspective and situation about how you think the world works. This level approaches as you reach your higher education and become mature enough to handle situations in an athletic way.
But when humans fail to distinguish between the three categories and confuse the first two with the ideal one, then the fire of personality destruction ignites.
When you are over confident, it is because of the pride in you which is a result of a clear mental disability. No one in the world is supposed to be perfect. Humans have flaws and that is perfectly healthy. According to several psychological researches, people who are over confident:

  1. Tend to be more irresponsible
  2. They misjudge simple calculations and values
  3. They pay no head to opinions
  4. Work in whatever way they think is good
  5. Never respect anyone
  6. Are ignorant
  7. They believe that whatever or how foolish actions they perform would always result in perfection
  8. They consider themselves better than the world.

This is why over confident people ALWAYS lose. These are some of the reasons why over confident people never succeed in careers, winning hearts, making friends or any other worldly affair.
The worst and the most surprising part is that these people do not believe that they actually are over confident.
The second category comprises of the under confident people. These people believe that they are useless and have nothing to do with the world. No matter how hard you try to distance yourself from the society, you end up getting more trapped. People like these need to realize that the fear of failure resides within human nature and there is no way to get rid of it. But the more you believe in your ability to succeed the greater your chances are to succeed. If I list myself as an example, I feel no shame in saying that I was once the most shy student of my class. I had no confidence to speak to a stranger. My legs would shake, my heart would pound, my hands would tremble and my body would sweat. This issue carried on with me till I joined the college. It was then when my interest in politics and the will to serve the country forced me to join group discussions and I actually joined an academy for that. I stand here today facing no issues in expressing myself. I am much better in society dealings than what I was back then.
Believing in yourself is the key.
Fear is a coward and the very first step you take ahead to fight it, you would win.
Having self confidence and a logical one is extremely important. Sometimes, you do not realize that you have some kind of a skill that rarely does anyone have. If you believe and polish that skill, you could be a golden sparrow for your society.
You will fail miserably in the world. Not once, not twice may be a hundred times. If you do not give up, there is no way you won’t succeed at the hundred and oneth try. If you are confident, you plan your things, you are sensible, you respect opinions, you share and verify, you collaborate etc. You would be a success in almost every field of life. Its just that you don’t let your humanitarian instincts take you down.
Be proud of what you are. You may be black, skinny, tall, short, weak, pale, etc. But your physical structure doesn’t matter if you are confident and have the ability to defend yourself from critics.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

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