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The Emotional Vs The Logical Mindset

The Emotional Vs The Logical Mindset

We humans, at times in our lives struggle to decide from within our two senses of rational or emotional approach. These, however, are the two filters that optimize or mold our brain’s impulses and decide over matters according to which filter dominates the other. That remains the difference between a person who looks into logic and proper reasoning behind his decisions in life, while the other mostly fails to observe long-term consequences and decides according to whatever pleases him to short notice.

So which of our senses dominates which one and what actually causes one to be either logical or emotional?

Interestingly, all humans are emotional at a very basic stage but we tend to see things at a broader scale and most of the time the slightest or the very obvious slips right under our noses and thus we classify our logical and emotional argument at a bigger scale, without focusing over the basics. At least we know that our logical sense is derived from our emotional sense.

Think about a decision you made or the rules you apply to your life. Why are you the way you are? If you try to seek reason behind every act of yours, it’s a high possibility that you may become a very successful person as you won’t let anyone harm you, you prefer your career over your friends partying, and you would always attempt to act according to what is best for you irrespective of your liking and preference. Such people are sharp, clever and they know how to tackle situations. It is equally hard for anyone to enter their comfort zone without being analyzed from top to bottom for a continuous of 7 days. These people know when and where to act accordingly, what attracts what, who thinks what and how to slip through every obstacle.

But when it comes to friendships or relationships, these people are a dreadful failure. As I mentioned above, our emotional sense is always active in us. It’s up to an individual to silence it down and forcefully dominate it with logic. That however does not happen quiet so easily.

Logical people fail terribly at expressing their emotions. In case of a fight between their friends or anyone close, these people would want things to go back to normal without having any of the party needing to say sorry or express their brotherhood or love either by words or gestures. If such happens, these people feel strange cringe within themselves. Similarly, these people won’t be able to express their love for their closed ones not because they don’t feel that way but because they feel cringey. These people cannot praise their loved ones and worst of all, when downhearted they cannot even shed their tears in front of anyone just so they won’t feel embarrassed or weak. People with rational thinking are prideful and strangely, they consider themselves too strong to show emotional sentiments, making these people robots when it comes to basic human love or any emotional expressions. This is why these people suffer a lot due to them continuously fighting within themselves trying to hold back their feelings, which obviously is a basic human nature. You can never guess their mood just by looking or talking to them.

But why are people logical?

By birth every human is emotional, he would cry over useless things without being embarrassed and he would be elated with anyone. As people grow older, life puts them into a series of certain tests and trials. Obviously, all humans suffer through tough situations but a few of them are perhaps lucky enough to decode the trials in a way so as to be prepared for the next one. Such are the logical ones who have either failed multiple times in their love life trying to express their love for someone or by losing people dear to them. With continuous occurrences, they finally give up their emotional sentiments and become ignorant. Worst of all, as time passes by they become more and more used to not sharing their secrets, not trusting anyone, not loving anyone or trying to isolate themselves.

The emotional ones are the complete opposite of the logical ones. They are extremely good at making friends, interacting with people, starting a successful love life, partying etc. Simply, their social life is flawless. But as their emotional senses grow more and more over time, they become some horrible decision makers. We cannot deny the fact that human life depends equally on his personal as well as social life and that both are equally important for a stable life. But emotional people tend to decide matters over their emotions. For instance, they would break household stuff when angry and realize that later or they would waste away their effort and money over a lover without even caring to observe whether his lover is equally as loyal as he is. Emotional decisions not only affect their own lives but definitely of the people around them as well. Not everyone is normally interested in their love stories, and constantly repeating their emotions with someone makes the other feel bored or awkward. Emotional people decide matters over what their heart pleases, and these decisions or based on short term or temporary satisfaction.

But why are people emotional?

That again depends on life experiences. Either these people haven’t experienced enough failure in their lives or are dumb enough to not learn anything from them. On an individual scale, these people suffer a lot and are, to an extent, dependent upon their friends or family members. Emotions overcome the sense of observation. Emotional people often fail to observe the effects of their emotional sentiments towards a person on the very next person to them. But, love is not all about human approach. People may love money, fame, materials etc. which is not directly linked to them. This is a separate approach and even then, lust for money ignites selfishness and harms the society.

People with a rational approach, on the contrary, consider their being as self-sufficient and they most probably avoid the risk of being boasted off at.


For a happy and stable life, humans need to draw a line between their emotional and logical senses. Too much expectations from other people is a major cause of heart breaks leading to constant hatred towards emotions. While too much sharing of emotional sentiments causes a drop in personal respect and obviously least vulnerable to logic. Some common perks that most people learn after a long time of life experience, if taught to them early, can withstand this dilemma of emotion and logical clash. It’s always good to be with friends, sharing secrets, expressing love, fooling around and enjoying these tiny blissful moments of life, keeping your self-respect at its priority, avoiding over interaction, preserving your virtue and expressing your views in a logical manner.

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