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The Moral Perspective Of The Cause of Coronavirus

The Moral Perspective Of The Cause of Coronavirus

I wanted to share some “non-worldly” causes of the Coronavirus or perhaps you may call it the moral perspective of the rise of such a disease that has been causing so much terror that mankind is not used to see.

We often come across this debate of How someone did or did not spread this virus on purpose. But that’s not the questions here, it just spread and now we have to get rid of it. Any person who believes in God obviously knows that whether he is a christian, a muslim, a jew or a hindu, he was sent to the world to worship God.

As mentioned in the bible Isaiah 43:7
“Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

In the Quran (51:56)
“I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.”

In the Rig Veda
“God has created you for his worship”

Now here’s the thing, due to the Coronavirus outbreak all the mosques, Temples , churches are closed. No one gets to worship God. The most major pligrimage of the muslims which is the Hajj has been stopped. Whatever the scientific cause of the CONVID-19 is, one thing’s for sure that God is extremely angry over our deeds.

If I narrow it down and focus on Pakistan only. I would want to quote a hadith first:

“If people insisted to declare performing of adultery, the plagues and diseases will spread between them such as those who are before them.”

While statistically Pakistan stand top on the list of the most porn watching country. Recently, we saw much cases of underaged boys and girls raped and murdered brutally.

Other than all this we failed to learn any lesson and thought about how this would be a great time to store all the medical equipment’s and sale them at a higher rate.
Perhaps we do not fear God and this punishment should be given to us but our people are still happy with it.

I don’t know about the rest but it hurts me when I realize that there won’t be a Hajj, a get together on Eid, Taravih in Ramazan.
Perhaps its time we beg for forgiveness.

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