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The Sense Of Guilt Associated With Laziness.

The Sense Of Guilt Associated With Laziness.

There’s a fascinating function of the human brain. It applies a strange guilty feeling to the body at certain times. Most of the time, this sense of guilt is obvious when you actually know what and where were you wrong. But sometimes, you actually feel like you don’t have what it takes to achieve anything. But why is that? Well, we are about to find out.

So, basically everyone has some goals in life. These goals maybe huge or extremely small, from becoming a successful business man to working out regularly. Once you start to reflect upon these goals, your brain schedules your plan entirely and nominates itself as a security guard to your goals. But like I said, big goals are obvious and if you really are willing to become a successful officer someday, you would have to struggle for that every day. However, in case you skip a day of training, you would feel guilty. This shows how committed you are to your aims and how bad you feel when you fail to put in your effort. So. Your brain works as a “scolding agent”, making you feel stressed and guilty, to force you never to skip your routine again.

Now sometimes, we feel guilty over nothing. Which is strange and causes stress. We try to find out what’s wrong as we are not missing anything so what could be the possible reason to such an irritating feeling.

Here’s the thing, human body is not meant to stay useless for over a longer period of time and if it does, it responds through the brain by creating a sense of guilt that makes us feel gloomy or stressed. If you tend to observe the timing of this sudden sense, I am positive you would realize that you had been doing nothing fruitful for a long period of time.

We love to rest, watch Netflix, eat and sleep without trying to move a muscle. Even though these activities are necessary to some extent but longer involvement results in your body developing side effects. Now you might not care about what happens to your body, but your brain does and so it forces you to experience stress and later on depression. This why psychological surveys found out that we’re happier when busy but our instinct is for idleness.

Cutting it short, waking up late in the morning while sleeping late, playing games, watching movies the whole day would only lead to this sense of guilt because your brain knows that you have a lot to do and to be. So, the best way to overcome this issue is to work out for about half an hour or make yourself busy either in sports or any other physical activity. When you start to care for yourself, you’ll see a huge change in your mental state making you feel comfortable and happy again.

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