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How are Printed Circuit Boards Made? (website developer)

How are Printed Circuit Boards Made? (website developer)

MAD PCB printed circuit board company

Many printed circuit board (PCB) enthusiasts are familiar with their operation, materials of construction, and other important details. However, its manufacturing process, which appears simple, involves numerous processes. Let a website developer help you.

This is a topic that, for many, maybe uninteresting. However, the electronic future of the world will depend directly and solely on these cards. This could be a game-changer in many processes, which are knocking on many people’s doors. Let’s know everything about the manufacturing method of a PCB.

Who can show us how a PCB is made?

Beyond reading books or a specialized PCB Design blog of MAD PCB, the best way to find out how a PCB is manufactured is directly at the factory. That’s why we lean on Scotty Allen, an enthusiast, uses of a computer whiz, who taught us how to hack an iPhone to:

  • Increase your memory 
  • Restore the traditional mobile audio system
  • Build one from scratch
  • Much more

This intrepid young man snuck into a Chinese printed circuit board factory. His mini-documentary of about 26 minutes, shows us the fascinating world of the design of these plates by a group of people of Chinese origin.

In the video, we can see how these intrepid technicians and manufacturers develop a PCB from the customer’s request to the final product. It includes the deposit of supplies, cutting of plates, and the entire production line. 

How are these PCBs made?

In the past, the manufacturing process of a PCB carried effective methods that could even be developed at home. This for a specific project, small scale, or as personal tests. With just an iron, photo paper, laser printer, and an amount of patience, it was possible.

If it was something specific or local, this DIY method was the ideal solution. However, if you are looking for a mass production, with more professionalism and solid details, it is better to go to a recognized company. When it comes to PCB search process, going for Chinese models is the biggest temptation, especially because of their low costs.

However, its development is a mystery, same as the website developer do, considering that this culture is very closed due to the issue of such high competitiveness and the security eye that nations like the United States implant in them.

However, for Scotty Allen this was possible and he presents them to us in a video, from which we extracted the most important and outstanding data of his visit.

What did Scotty Allen see in the huge PCB factory in China?

For this technology enthusiast, his visit focused on MAD PCB Technology Development Company. There he managed to enter, observe, ask questions and learn everything about the manufacturing process of PCBs in China. This was his tour:

  • It started in the engineering department. There the checks that are linked to the design are carried out, ensuring that they are 100% acceptable. This in case of faults in its layers or the references of the perforations of the plate.
  • For the second step, the circuits are printed using a transparent film. This is placed on a thin plate of fiberglass and copper. Just as if it were a photograph that is developed.
  • The plates are cut into smaller sizes and where the edges are smoothed. The machine that performs it can develop two processes simultaneously and in a few seconds. 
  • Yellow lights are used here as a film damage prevention system. The sensitivity of the sheet under an unwanted scheme could be damaged. Yellow light minimizes these risks.
  • It has a high level of automation where man intervenes but technology to a higher percentage. 
  • On average, there is talk of up to 24 hours for the final design of a PCB which will arrive in three days to the client, using DHL as the shipping system. In other markets the time is weeks and months, something that this mega industry has sophisticated to the point of not having close competitors.

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